Images From the Grand Prix Long Beach
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Images From the Grand Prix Long Beach

Images like this one taken in the Pit area of the Long Beach Grand Prix Formula 1 race in Long Beach, California are always fascinating to look at after several years (and changes in technology) have passed. Race enthusiasts who have followed the sport have no doubt noticed the evolution of the cars, not to mention the much more relaxed attitude of the pit crew. One could easily compare it to how much photography has changed over the years, and yet, like racing, the heart of the thing remains essentially the same.

This image was made during Friday’s practice session before the next day’s qualifying, when drivers and crew tune the car for the specific track, surface and weather conditions. It's at that point where the all important starting positions for Sunday’s race are determined. As a photography team with years of experience in motorsports we know how to cover all aspects of an event, from start to finish.

Location: Long Beach, CA.