Rare Porsche Photography
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Rare Porsche Photography

It's a great day at Barnet Photography when we get the call to photograph custom race cars, like this rare Porsche 918 Hybrid. Auto X held an event at the Big "A" parking lot in Anaheim and we were fortunate to be there for all of the excitement.

This Hybrid Porsche is a cousin of the 919, three times Le Mans winner, benefitting from the same Hybrid technology. Limited edition Porsches are rarely seen on the track. Like some Ferraris and Lambos they are only on offer to passionate collectors who can pay a premium, knowing their investment with go up in value. So, the lucky owners usually are very protective of cars like these...but this particular owner, and fellow Porsche Club member, loves to drive his baby as it was meant to be driven. Around a track like this one!

And no, that's not a larger than normal helmet-- it's actually the driver and the passenger sitting next to him creating that illusion!

Location: Anaheim, CA.