Porsche 911 Turbo Photography
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Porsche 911 Turbo Photography

This image is a perfect example of a Porsche enthusiast bringing his daily or weekend driver to the track for Auto X at the Old El Toro Marine Base. Ever since the beginning, Porsche’s philosophy was to make cars for racing fans who could race their cars on Sunday and drive them to work on Monday. That spirit still exists, and of course, it's a little more expensive these days. The only thing you need for Auto X is pretty much the entry fee, less than $100, and to put numbers on your car doors. You don’t even need a helmet, you can borrow one from the helpful volunteer staff. You do need to sign an insurance waiver--Understandably.

This Porsche 998 Turbo did not have a pretty number on the door. Instead, the driver used blue masking tape. Seeing that beautiful slick car with hand made HomeDepot blue masking tape on the side hurt my eyes, so we took the number off in post.. now it just looks like a very careful driver who wears a helmet any time he or she drives the Turbo. Some drivers also use masking tape or transparent adhesive wrap to protect the body, especially the lower areas, from flying small rocks (this is an abandoned airstrip with construction all around it after all).

Auto X programs even offer instruction and ride along experts that will get you started. This particular Auto X is sponsored by Porsche dealers and organized by Porsche clubs in the area, but it’s not limited to “P” cars. There are always a few other brands driving around. As a big fan of motorsports, bringing my photography skills to document such events truly qualifies me for living the dream!

Location: Irvine, CA.