Pando Magazine Cover
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Pando Magazine Cover

Cover of the November, 2017 issue of Pando Magazine, the official monthly publication of the Porsche Club of America OCR. This Cayman was photographed at an AutoX event at the airstrip of the old El Toro Marine base in Irvine California. The technique of panning is very helpful in making a car look like it’s moving fast. When a car is coming towards the camera at an angle or worse, head on, panning is not very effective, and could result in soft (out of focus) images. In this case there was a little panning shown by the cone on the left and the wheels. The “separation” from the background was achieved by using a shallow depth of field (area of focus), and the tilt of the image, adds a sense of motion. This image was captured with a Nikon D5 and a 200 to 400 f4 VR zoom fitted with a 2 stop Neutral Density filter to achieve a shallower depth of field without needing to use a very fast shutter speed.

Location: Irvine, CA.