Modified Porsche Race Car with Wing
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Modified Porsche Race Car with Wing

This image of a modified Porsche race car was photographed at the AutoX track on the runway of the Old El Toro Marine Base. This car has been prepared for door to door racing, and sometimes is run on the AutoX track for testing and practice. AutoX is a quick race against the clock, with lots of curves and not too many straight parts, so sharp and precise steering, quick acceleration and braking are most important. This car is fitted with ground effect skirts, front fender louvers to reduce front end lift and a large rear wing to generate downforce. These accessories are designed to keep a car on the track at high speeds, including turns. It also has racing tires, probably a high preformance radiator in the front for engine cooling and other enhancements to the engine and transmission. The exhaust has also been modified. Needless day, this car is not street legal.

Panning was used for this photo, and extra blur was added to the background and track in post. You can’t “fake” panning on cars with see through wheels because the brake calipers would not be blurred with real panning. There is a lot of skill and experience needed to truly document high performance race cars in all their glory. Luckily, we have that in spades!

Location: Irvine, CA.