Cayman GT4 Racer Image
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Cayman GT4 Racer Image

This image of a very fast Cayman GT4 racer was taken at an Auto X event held at Angel Stadium’s parking lot. It was the cover of the July2017 issue of Pando, the official monthly magazine of the Porsche Club of America OCR. This is a much cleaner venue than the old El Toro Marine Base, but the backgrounds are not nearly as good. In this case the photo was cropped in an angle to accentuate the feeling of movement. The side light helps give the image more depth and to show the driver. A D5 with a 200 to 400 f4 Nikkor zoom was used. Focusing on moving cars can be challenging, int he absence of panning. I always use one of several continuous focus modes available in the Nikon D5 and D500, depending on several factors.

Location: Anaheim, CA.