Long Beach Formula 1 Race Photography
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Long Beach Formula 1 Race Photography

Barnet Photography covered the Long Beach Grand Prix Formula One race for several years on behalf of local sponsors. It was tremendously exciting to see the neighborhood transform from the community we are all familiar with to the site of a major sporting event. Fans from all over the world would come to Long Beach to root for their favorite drivers and see some incredible cars handling the city streets.

Here we see a Parmalat Alfa Romeo followed by a Ferrari coming downhill on Pine St. This image offers a great head on view of the cars, as if they are coming right for the observer. One can really get a sense of the momentum and speed of these powerful vehicles. Often a camera lend can offer a perspective that a spectator who was actually there might never get to see. We love that our work lives on well after the event is over.

Location: Long Beach, CA.