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SoCal Motorsports Photographers

As motorsports photographers serving the SoCal area for many years, we've been fortunate to cover so many awesome events, like the Festival of Speed Race weekend in Fontana. We've also been honored with several of our images making the cover of Pando, the official monthly magazine of the Porsche Club of America OCR. This July 2018 issue features a rather patriotic aesthetic that fit the season perfectly!

I try to position myself at the end of an “S” curve when possible, especially at the beginning of a race when cars are still bunched up. This was shot with a Nikon D5 and a 200 to 400 f4 zoom, the perfect lens, in my opinion, for daytime motorsports. When shooting cars head on, panning with a slow shutter speed is definitely not recommended because you always want a sense of motion when shooting a race. In this case, the compression of several cars in the background that are out of focus, the tilt of the image and seeing the helmeted driver in the car all provide the feeling of speed. A clean background, or an out of focus one, helps isolate the subjects. We love that our years of experience covering races can make these already beautiful vehicles stand out and pop off the page!

Location: Fontana, CA.