Formula 1 Racing Long Beach Images
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Formula 1 Racing Long Beach Images

We captured some great images several years ago at a Formula 1 racing event in Long Beach, CA. Slide film was actually used at the time, and the image recently scanned for display on our website. Though technology has certainly changed a lot in the photography world since that day, all the years shooting motorsports events on film really informs our work in the digital realm now. We feel fortunate to have experience on both ends the spectrum.

It's fun to look back at these photos and reminisce about this important racing event that was held at the same location for years in the streets of Long Beach. For a full week, the best racing professionals and most steadfast fans from all over the world came together to participate in and observe this high stakes competition. Here, the cars have just made a sharp 90 degree right turn from Ocean Blvd onto downhill Pine Street with Candy Tyrell in the lead followed closely by Ferrari and Lotus. It's hard to believe a relatively quiet section of a neighborhood could transform into an exciting racetrack from one day to the next! Certainly it was a landmark occasion for the sport as well as the Long Beach community.

Location: Long Beach, CA.