First R (Racing) Porsche Photographer
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First R (Racing) Porsche Photographer

I am a huge fan of cars, and particularly Porsches (since owning my second car, a VW Bug), so any opportunity to provide my automotive photography services in and around Los Angeles is always a pleasure. This love can be traced back to my days as a former aerospace photographer with Rockwell International, a position I held for 12 years. There, I worked on the B1-B, Space Shuttle and other projects. So the chance to cover the PCA Los Angeles Porsche Concours d'Elegance held at the Santa Monica Museum of Flying was a particular treat, as was photographing this very important restored race car, the Porsche 911R, serial # 001. It was, after all, the first “R” produced by Porsche and is currently one of the most valuable Porsches in existence today!

While there are lots of exciting competitions happening at this event, with cars being prepped and then judged, my favorite part is usually seeing the very rare cars, like this one, on display. They really are a thing of beauty--and so interesting.

Location: Los Angeles, CA.