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Motorsports photography needn't be all about the cars and races-- there are many familiar faces of driving legends that equally interesting to see. Take this image of Clay Regazzoni on a break during a practice day at a Long Beach Grand Prix Formula 1 race weekend. Clay was a veteran driver at this point, having worked with Ferrari for a long time and then the Williams group. It's certainly interesting to compare the expression of someone taking a moment to relax, as compared to what we might see of him suiting up for an actual race. We love that we have great samples of both in our portfolio!

Barnet Photography covered this event for a local Long Beach sponsor, documenting many aspects of the race, including PR events and ones that took place in the days leading up to the main event. Our work helped to generate a buzz around the event as a whole, as well as for the drivers. The images appeared in articles and press releases, and now make great souvenirs of a golden age of racing.

Location: Long Beach, CA.