Niki Lauda Race Day Images
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Niki Lauda Race Day Images

Motorsports fans know the thrill of race day and value images from competitions they may not have been able to see first hand. That's why Barnet Photography is proud to offer some truly memorable racing photography in our portfolio. We love that we had a chance to document legends like Niki Lauda doing what they do best. Here, we see him in his red Parmalat Alfa Romeo at a Long Beach Grand Prix Formula 1 race weekend in Long Beach, California. The event was held at this location several years in a row and would block off a large swaths of the neighborhood to host several races that are attended by fans from around the world.

This image was panned, but not too much was needed since the background was fairly plain and not distracting. Motion blur on the wheels gives the car a look of speed. When photographing motorsports, featuring famous drivers and thier equally recognizable cars, it's important to have the technical know how to document all the details of the car, while sill giving a sense of movement, dynamism and pace to the story. Figuring out how to best capture these moments is a really fun pursuit for pun intended.

Location: Long Beach, CA.