Porsche Style Image
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Porsche Style Image

A Porsche is a vehicle that undoubtedly is known for its style points--that's why this image of the dashboard and steering wheel of a 356 Mod is such a fitting tribute to one of my favorite car brands. Like every Porsche ever made, including this year’s models, the ignition key is on the left side of the dashboard. This was originally done to shave a fraction of a second to the start at the 24 Hours of the La Mans endurance race. In that competition, all the cars are parked at the start and when the gun goes off, the drivers run to their cars from the other side of the track, jump inside, start them and drive off. Each car has two drivers who alternate driving and change places during pit stops. The race ends exactly 24 hours from the start.

This image was taken at the old El Toro Marine Base in Irvine, California where the Orange Coast chapter of the Porsche Club of America holds their AutoX races. It's always great fun to be there, seeing so many impressive Porsches and their proud owners doing what they do best.

Location: Irvine, CA.