Industrial Photography is a specialized field where very often, the "subjects" are large machinery, buildings, aircraft, people at work on large projects, wearing the proper safety gear, in a untidy work environment or at a desk. Access is not always easy, time can be limited, weather and time of day can not be predicted and there can be "security sensitive" items or locations. The events to be covered can be milestone moments of a construction project that involves media coverage and climbing on a scissor lift, cherry picker or helicopter can be part of the deal.

A deadline or fast turnaround of edited images is usually involved, there are no re-shoots. The client may have several very different requests and planned uses for the images and specialized photo gear and assistants have to be brought in.

Flexibility is also important. Corporate Communications and the Advertising directors may add a couple of "while you're here" requests, which we are alway happy to do. Industrial Photography is lots of fun, you can get very creative (after you get the "money shot") and you can end up with great portfolio images.

We at Barnet Photography have had lots of experience in this type of work and would love to be of service on your next project.