Newborn Photo Session


This is a very special time for parents and capturing the miracle of life is something we truly love to do. We will create timeless art of your baby for you to enjoy, that will last for generations to come.

The best time to plan the day of your session is right before the birth of the baby. We will schedule your session within the first 2 weeks of life, usually between 6 and 10 days old. Of course, we can always adjust the timing of the session once the baby is born.


You are welcome to bring diaper covers, hats and other props to the session. We want the photos to look great in your home, so we’ll be sure to coordinate the colors to what works best for where the images will be displayed. We also have a selection of props to choose from. We recommend bringing extra receiving blankets, diapers and wipes.


The time of your session will be determined by your baby. Please bring your baby to the studio ready for a feeding. You will feed the baby, and once he or she falls asleep, we will begin posing your little one. An angelic sleeping baby makes the best subject and can be posed in many beautiful ways. We can take breaks during our session if your baby gets fussy or needs feeding.

Once we have captured a few poses of the baby, we’ll photograph him or her with the parents, individually and together. We will have done a clothing consultation prior to your session so you will will have brought the right wardrobe for your timeless portrait.

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