Battle of the Sexes: Bridesmaids vs Groomsmen

Barnet Photography_01

Today’s blog post is the girls vs. the boys. We gathered some of our favorite bridesmaids photos and decided to put them head to head with our favorite groomsmen photos. We always have fun photographing the bridal party, and we try to give it a unique twist . We hope you have as much fun looking through all of these photos as we did putting them together! Take a minute and tell us your favorites. We’d love to hear from you!

Barnet Photography_23

Barnet Photography_28Barnet Photography_02

Barnet Photography_33Barnet Photography_04Barnet Photography_05Barnet Photography_06Barnet Photography_07Barnet Photography_08Barnet Photography_09Barnet Photography_10Barnet Photography_11Barnet Photography_12Barnet Photography_13Barnet Photography_14Barnet Photography_15Barnet Photography_16Barnet Photography_17Barnet Photography_18Barnet Photography_19Barnet Photography_20Barnet Photography_21Barnet Photography_22Barnet Photography_24Barnet Photography_25Barnet Photography_26Barnet Photography_27Barnet Photography_29Barnet Photography_30

Barnet Photography_32

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