Our Favorite Wedding Rings

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Today’s blog post is all about the Bling! With engagement season in full swing, and Valentines day right around the corner, we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite rings. Wedding, and engagement, rings come in all shapes and sizes, some are all about the sparkle while some are simple and classic. No matter their size or the amount of bling, all of these rings are a symbol of love and commitment to one another. We wish all our couples a lifetime of happiness, and are honored to have been a part of their big day.

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Barnet Photography_05Barnet Photography_06Barnet Photography_07Barnet Photography_08Barnet Photography_09Barnet Photography_10Barnet Photography_11Barnet Photography_12Barnet Photography_13Barnet Photography_14Barnet Photography_15Barnet Photography_16Barnet Photography_17Barnet Photography_18Barnet Photography_19Barnet Photography_20Barnet Photography_21Barnet Photography_22Barnet Photography_23Barnet Photography_24Barnet Photography_25Barnet Photography_26Barnet Photography_27Barnet Photography_28

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