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This is a "first look" photo before a wedding at Rancho Las Lomas, one of our favorite venues of all times! Many couples choose to have a first look, but it shouldn't be because of the photos, it's a wedding, not a photo session. The first look allows the couple a moment to see each other as they will be during the ceremony, but without their family and guests around. It gives them a few minutes of privacy to be with each other. We get the best expressions ever during those moments. We don't stay close, instead we photograph these moments with long lenses so they don't feel uncomfortable.

At some venues, like Rancho, a 1st look and photos of the couple around the property before the wedding is very helpful because after the ceremony there is not enough time to do this venue justice. There are just too many great spots to visit. When we do the bride and groom portraits after the ceremony and the group photos, there often is not as much time as we would have had as if we can work with the couple earlier when the makeup is fresh and there is more time before the guests arrive. This decision is entirely up to our couples of course, we just explain how we would go about the photos in both situations and they chose.

Location: Rancho Las Lomas Wedding Venue, Silverado, California.