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Top Wedding Photographer Orange County

Orange County is a top destination wedding location, specifically because right after your wedding you can go with your photographer to the beach and capture images that you will cherish forever, This is one of our favorite photos taken at the beach that is part of the Monarch Beach Resort, called the Monarch Bay Club. It is reserved for resort guests and members but couples getting married at The Monarch Beach Resort, can arrange for a tram that will take them and the photographer to this private beach. As you ride the tram, it is a good idea, time permitting, to stop at at several picturesque locations along the way before arriving at the beach. This way, you will have much more variety in your images.

This was a late summer wedding and the tide was receding, just the conditions needed for the formation of a perfect mini reflection pool. This was a very passionate couple so Joe let them be themselves and directed them just enough to make sure he had the expression and pose he was looking for. He positioned the couple so that he could see the beautiful sunset on the left and used the rocks on the background to create a leading line to them. When photographing subjects in a reflection, it is very important not to cut off the body, so Joe made sure the entire reflection could be seen in the puddle.

One of the nice things about the beach at the Monarch Bay Club, is that it is never crowded. Sunset is the best time to capture impactful images like this one because the light is soft, warm and romantic. That’s why it’s called the golden hour. This image was captured just as the sun was setting, and shows the beauty of this Southern California location.

Because Barnet Photography is a husband and wife photography team, during a wedding, they can split up if needed. While Joe was with the couple on the beach, Mirta, stayed behind at the Monarch Beach Resort photographing the cocktail hour and details of the Monarch Ballroom before the guests were let in.

The Monarch Beach Resort is located in Orange County, California. Barnet Photography is honored to be included in their preferred vendor list.

Location: Monarch Bay Club.