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Top Los Angeles South Asian Wedding Photographers

Indian Wedding outfits are very colorful and beautiful, especially the bride's, so why would you create a B&W image of a South Asian bride? Well, we shoot everything in Color (RAW) mode, but occasionally we make a B&W image without color to compete with the bride's face. This brings the viewer's eyes to the subject's face, like in this portrait. The leading lines created by the veil also guide the viewer to the bride's face.

When custom designing our client's wedding albums, part of our service, we often create B&W spreads to focus on the people, the emotion and the faces. Black and White also works well for the getting ready images where we're working in a room with color everywhere and we want to bring attention to people interaction. Our clients always approve the final design of their albums and make all the changes they want, they also approve the retouching before the album goes to our printer and binder.

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