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St. Cross Church Wedding Photographers

This elegant, statuesque bride posing in the doorway at St. Cross Church, got a little help in the flowing veil department from her dedicated wedding photographers (us!). Joe photographed her using a 70-200mm lens while Mirta hid behind the doors and "fluffed" the veil up as needed, giving a sense that the perfect breeze had just come through the door. While we certainly value all those genuine, candid photojournalistic moments, when it comes to portraits we know how to make things really pop and that sometimes means getting creative and enhancing the moment, so that it has the emotional impact befitting the day.

The bride in this portrait clearly carries her faith with her everywhere, and on her wedding day this was literally the case. Her unique bouquet of a small bunch of Lilies of the Valley tied to an antique family white Bible represented that in such a lovely way. We knew that a portrait of her in the church doorway would be such a significant, meaningful memory, and though her radiance was enough to light up the image, that little extra dynamism added by the fluffing the veil gave it even more of an uplifted that matched her feelings standing up in church and marrying the love of her life.

Location: Hermosa Beach, CA.