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When couples have their wedding at the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel, they have the option to go with their photographer to the beach after the ceremony. We had just finished the family groups after the ceremony and it was getting close to sunset. Normally when the couple wants to go to the beach, Joe goes with the couple while Mirta stays behind to photograph the cocktail hour and the reception room. As Joe was leaving with bride and groom, Mirta had taken a parasol from the ceremony area, gave it to Joe and told him it would make a great prop. She was right! As Joe got to the beach, the sun was very low on the horizon, making the couple very backlit. In this situation, one can either light the subjects and keep the background dark to show the dramatic sunset or, It can be shot in a way that shows more of a silhouette. Joe had the idea to shoot their profiles, using the parasol to give them a secret little hide-away as they shared a kiss. He positioned the couple so that the sun was directly behind them, thus providing a natural vignette around the top and edges of the image.

Later, in post production, Mirta took the image into Photoshop to give it a bright, vintage feeling. The turquoise sky reflects beautifully on the brides dress on this little patch of sand at Salt Creek Beach.

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