Relaxed, Environmental Bridal Portraits by Barnet Photography
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Relaxed, Environmental Bridal Portraits by Barnet Photography

Portraits of the bride and groom are arguably the most important images of a wedding. But sometimes there is little time for them, especially if things are running late. We always send our couples a "dream timeline", from the start of our coverage to the beginning of the reception. After that, we photograph reception elements when they happen. Our timeline is only a suggestion to be incorporated in the overall timeline by the wedding planner, but it gives our couples a good idea of the time we would like to have for the different aspects of the pre-reception coverage.

This is the last photo of this couples' after ceremony portraits, they chose to not see each other before the ceremony (first look). Even when we are done, and the bridal couple is walking away, we are always on the lookout for those special moments that happen naturally.

Location: Grand Sierra Point, Foresthill, California.