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Rancho Las Lomas California Wedding Photographers

As Southern California wedding photographers, people often assume we never run into a rainy wedding day, but as this image from a Rancho Las Lomas event shows, though they are rare they do happen. When less than ideal weather shows up, we aim to create more than ideal photos, and matching umbrellas are a cute way to make the most of a wet day and protect those carefully crafted hairstyles.

This wedding's ceremony and reception was planned outdoors; when it was obvious that this was not going to be the case, there was no time to order a large tent for the ceremony, and all the chairs has to be brought in from the rain. The reception was moved to the ballroom of the property, but the Bride and Groom chose to have the ceremony outdoors as planned. Guests stood with umbrellas as the couple said their vows. Needless to say the Bride was less than happy through the couple of hours leading to the ceremony, during the time we were doing most of the photography. She was a trooper and all the photos turned out amazing.

The photographic coverage of this wedding did not turn out as planned, it was different but just as special as if it had been a sunny day. In fact, the rain made for such lush greenery, wet spanish tile and unusual locations that we were able to have this wedding published in a prestigious bridal magazine, with the approval and delight of the couple.

When it was clear that the storm predicted to hit the following day might arrive on wedding day instead, a heroic groomsman visited several stores that morning... he had to find the right matching black umbrellas, lots of them! Not only do the bride and groom have an amazing and very unique wedding party shot with the charming fruits of his labor, but they have a wonderful memory of the dedication of one friend who took care of them on their wedding day. Support like that is the true spirit of the bridal party, and we love it when that's visually represented through photographs.

Location: 19191 Lawrence Canyon, Silverado, CA 92676.