Preferred Los Angeles South Asian wedding Photographer
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Preferred Los Angeles South Asian wedding Photographer

Photographing Indian, or South Asian, weddings, especially outdoor ceremonies, can be very challenging for inexperienced photographers. These ceremonies are long, there is lots happening, and every little detail or "mini-ceremony" within the ceremony is important and meaningful, so everything should be photographed, preferably by 2 photographers without blocking the view for the attendees. Lots of movement in and around the Mandap by the Priest, the bride and groom, all four parents and other family members summoned to preform tasks. Add to that the presence of 2 videographers, and the fact that the lighting is never perfect and partially blocked by the overhead fabric, flowers, etc.

We usually have one photographer close to the Mandap and the other one of us is a little farther away with a long zoom lens. We also move around often to capture different angles and to block the attendees view as little as possible.

Indian wedding ceremonies are among the most fun to photograph, but only if it's not one of the first ones you've photographed. Of course, by ceremony time the photographers and videographers have been well warmed up, after covering the Baraat... But that's a store for another image 😎

Location: Pacific Palms Resort. 1 Industry Hills Park Way, City of Industry, CA.