Pelican Hill Wedding Ceremony Decor
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Pelican Hill Wedding Ceremony Decor

This image of the Decor at a Pelican Hill Wedding Ceremony was created by Barnet Photography, one of the preferred Photographers at this iconic Newport Coast Wedding venue and resort. The four columns of the deceivingly large rotunda, or gazebo, are adorned with flowing white drapes, the chandelier in the center is dripping with flowers and the isle is decorated with large cherry blossom trees and a thick carpet of rose petals. During the cocktail hour, after the ceremony, the cherry blossom trees were transported to the upstairs ballroom to decorate the walls for the reception.

We love photographing weddings at Pelican Hill, this venue offers such a variety of great photo locations that every wedding we have photographed there has it's unique look and personality.

Location: Newport Coast, California.