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Pelican Hill Resort Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is both about knowing how to make use of what you have in the moment, as well as imagining what a little bump in post production can do... So we were not at all discouraged by cloudy skies at this Pelican Hill Resort wedding. Though gray skies get a bad rap as compared to the sunny blue skies that California is famous for, we know that the clouds can actually look extra dramatic and beautiful with a few enhancements in photoshop. In fact, the slight moodiness adds to the private nature of this post-ceremony, intimate moment, when all the guests are at the cocktail hour and the time and space belong to the bride and groom. The effect of the breeze catching the draping on the rotunda as well as the bride's veil, make this romantic shot worthy of the cover of a Bronte novel. No matter what the weather conditions are on a wedding day, we have the expertise to bring out its beauty and story-worthy qualities.

Location: 22701 S Pelican Hill Rd, Newport Coast, CA 92657.