Old World Glamour Wedding
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Old World Glamour Wedding

This California Club in Los Angeles, CA was the perfect location for this classic, glamour themed wedding. This photo was taken during dinner and toasts and while Joe was photographing inside the ballroom, Mirta was out in the hallway waiting for a moment like this to happen. It's important, especially with large weddings, to have two experienced photographers present, allowing one to cover everything that is going on while the other photographer captures special moments as they happen. The more experienced a photographer is, the more "moments" he or she will anticipate.

The head table was placed at the entrance to the ballroom and the Bride and Groom were perfectly centered. Mirta was secretly behind them about 15 feet while she waited for the perfect moment of the bride and groom to kiss. She also knew this photograph would look great in black and white because she wanted to focus right on the emotion of the moment. When you strip the color away, you also simplify the photo visually, and the emotion comes through. Barnet Photography is based in Orange County, but we photograph a number of weddings in Los Angeles and the California Club in Downtown Los Angeles is one of our favorites.

Location: 538 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90071.