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Newport Beach Wedding Photographer

The golden, afternoon light on this bride leaning on the Pelican Hill Rotunda column in Newport Beach is sought after by many wedding photographers. This photograph was taken at the “golden hour” which is really about 15 minutes before sunset. We used a reflector here, held by our assistant, to help the beautiful, warm sunlight light wrap around our subject. Knowing exactly what to do, what lens and lighting accessories to use, when making these types of portraits, needs to be second nature. The Bride and Groom are anxious to join the reception so we need to make lots of beautiful images in a short amount of time. This is challenging, but we enjoy every second of it. The newlyweds are still on the “we just got married” high and we want to capture all those happy expressions in the few moments after the ceremony.

Location: 22701 S Pelican Hill Rd, Newport Coast, CA 92657.