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Monarch Beach Resort Wedding Photographers

As experienced wedding photographers we know how essential a couple's parents are to making a wedding happen, and this image, captured at the Monarch Beach Resort is a fine tribute to the impact of family support. While first looks are generally known to happen when the bride and groom see each other, it can be equally moving when the bride's parents glimpse their daughter for the first time in full wedding attire. Mom's expression here contains all the excitement and pride of the parent who has been hearing about the bride's style choices for months, and perhaps even helped her pick out a dress... And now she is seeing it all come together. Dad looks incredibly moved and proud of his little girl who is all grown up. As with any candid moment, rich black and white processing underscores the photojournalistic aspect of this photo, and highlights it as a truly special moment in the final gallery of images.

Location: 1 Monarch Beach Resort N, Dana Point, CA 92629.