Monarch Beach Resort Staircase Portrait
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Monarch Beach Resort Staircase Portrait

The Grand Staircase at the Monarch Beach Resort is most certainly one of the venue's most desired portrait locations, and for good reason. The fresco ceiling calls to mind a Roman holiday, while the ornate iron work of the banisters reflect the luxe aesthetic of the entire venue. Arched and square windows opposite the couple lets in beautiful natural light, while our 14mm wide angle lens captures the sheer scope of this majestic staircase. This image is another great example of what could constitute a full page spread in a wedding album. Strong, grand photos like these deserve a place of prominence, and with so many layouts featuring groupings of images, an image taking up an entire 2 page spread offers a lovely surprise to anyone seeing your album for the first time.

Location: 1 Monarch Beach Resort N, Dana Point, CA 92629.