Monarch Beach Resort Club 19 Wedding Photographers
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Monarch Beach Resort Club 19 Wedding Photographers

As wedding photographers, we live for candid moments like this one at Monarch Beach Resort's Club 19. From the best man's priceless expression it's easy to tell he's got a flair for comedic storytelling, not to mention that he is positively cracking up the bride and groom. It's priceless to have a shot where all three people's personalities shine through so authentically, and we were so happy to be able to capture this moment with all their distinct reactions on display.

When possible, we suggest to the band leader or DJ to let the toast givers, especially the Best Man, Maid of Honor and parents, to stand near the couple with a cordless mic so that there is a closer connection with the Bride and Groom; as opposed to giving the toast from the bandstand or the DJ location.

While it is a given that everyone who gives a toast at wedding with be photographed solo, we love to mix it up and provide various viewpoints of every speech.

Location: 1 Monarch Beach Resort N, Dana Point, CA 92629.