Milllennium Biltmore Wedding Photography
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Milllennium Biltmore Wedding Photography

The Millennium Biltmore Los Angeles is the perfect backdrop for glamorous wedding photography straight out of an old Hollywood movie. This bride calls to to mind the golden age screen sirens that graced the halls of this historic hotel since it's opening in 1923. Her Monique L'Hullier gown is so full of gorgeous detail, it gives the hotel's many murals and frescoes a run for their money. Her pose gives the viewer a complete look at her beautifully put together bridal look, from the hair pin to the jewelry to the feminine silhouette of her unique dress. Natural light from a nearby window enhances her glow, and the old world quality of the room in the background gives this portrait a timeless elegance in keeping with the aesthetic of her big day.

Location: Millenium Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles, CA .