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Malibu Wedding Photography

Malibu, California is an incredible location for romantic wedding photography at the beach. On the wedding day itself, we definitely have to be more careful about making sure the bride and groom stay dry, but when they book a day after session, we get excited about having the freedom to get a little more adventurous around the surf.

For one such session, we headed to Leo Carrillo State Beach, where this couple did an amazing job holding still and maintaining their composure on the rocks while the large waves came up around them (their idea). A split second later they were soaked! Luckily they were game to get near the water to achieve a portrait that has such a dramatic impact. After the wedding day where the focus is on everything being just so, it certainly is a nice change of pace to let loose and have some fun with the surf. We are fortunate to live and work in Southern California where such beauty is only a short drive away.

Location: Leo Carrillo State Beach.