Los Angeles Indian Wedding Photogrtaphy
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Los Angeles Indian Wedding Photogrtaphy

Unlike about 50% (in our experience) of western style weddings, South Asian couples choose to have a "First Look" before the wedding. This is where the bride and groom see each other in their wedding outfits for the first time before the ceremony. We photograph this moment in a way that does not interfere with their time together, no directions, or calling attention, we usually have them meet in a nice, predetermine location and use long lenses so we don't have to be very close to the couple.

After we capture those great first moments and we see that they're ready, we photograph the couple around the location like in this image, and time permitting, do as many group photos of the bridal party, the families, etc. as we can before the Baraat (the groom's procession). The more photos we can do, without pushing or overburdening the couple, the less we need to do after the ceremony when everyone wants to get to the celebration.

Location: 1 Industry Hills Park Way, City of Industry, CA.