Leo Carillo State Beach Wedding Photography
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Leo Carillo State Beach Wedding Photography

Scheduling this day after session at Leo Carrillo state beach, allowed for further opportunities for impressive bridal portrait photography beyond the wedding day. Often, the timeline of our clients big day is packed and doesn't allow for more complicated portrait set ups, or the client wants a dramatic backdrop, like the beach, when their actual venue is landlocked. A great solution is a day after session where the sole focus is photography. To achieve this dramatic effect, shooting from a low angle brought the horizon line down allowing the bride to take center stage against a majestic sky. All four elements are represented: air, in the billowing wind carrying her veil away from her body; fire, in the golden sun; earth, in the rocky landing on which she stands; and, of course, water, in the calm Pacific Ocean that seems to go on forever. This image truly takes advantage of the beauty of Southern California and its topography.

Location: Leo Carrillo State Beach.