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Indian Wedding Photographers Orange County

Orange County has many photographers, but when it comes to Indian Weddings, Barnet Photography has extensive experience with all the unique elements of these special weddings.

We love this beautiful, energetic portrait of this lovely Indian bride in this photo because you can see the stress and craziness of months and months of planning just melt away. Moments earlier she had looked in the mirror and was completely ecstatic with her hair and makeup. This bride chose to go with an “Indian modern” theme. One way in which she did this is instead of the traditional mehndi, the bride and bridal party applied silver and gold flash tattoos on their hands and forearms. They were stunning and so different! Being a successful fashion designer, this bride wanted to make things a little different and unique so at the reception, instead of wearing a traditional lengha, she changed into a statement gold sequined dress that was absolutely stunning.

The area of the hotel where we took this photo was right outside the room where she was getting ready. They had a large conference room for all their family and a sliding door that led out onto a shaded balcony breezeway. This walkway later served as an area for the first look, since the groom and his guys were at the other end of the balcony breezeway in their own conference room. The light was perfect and shooting "shallow" with a long focal length allowed for the background to be rendered beautifully out of focus. When we work with our subjects, our main goal is to get them relaxed and happy. That’s exactly what we did here. We usually don’t say smile, instead, we give our couples something to smile about. This is very crucial in getting the essence of our clients to shine through. This photo was cropped tight in camera, for maximum impact. Had this been a looser crop, it would not have the same effect. Also, turning the body to the side is often more flattering than a pose that is straight on. The Fairmont Hotel is located in Newport Beach, CA.

Location: 4500 MacArthur Blvd., Newport Beach, CA.