Hermosa Beach Church Wedding
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Hermosa Beach Church Wedding

Since childhood, St. Cross Church in Hermosa Beach was a Sunday mainstay for this lovely bride so it meant a lot for her to have her wedding ceremony at this home away from home. Being exceptionally close with the priest of the congregation, the bride could not imagine anyone but her presiding over the nuptials. And who knows how many times over the years, sitting in a pew, she imagined this day happening here? When a couple has a deep, personal connection with the place where they exchange vows, it always makes for such a moving wedding story. This image, made after the ceremony, will surely be a valued memory for the entire family for years to come.

This full length portrait of the Bride and Groom was created using OCF (off camera flash). This technique allows photographers to mix existing lighting with flash, usually in a soft box or other large light modifier, away from the camera, for a more flattering and natural look. The type of large flash units we use are self contained, battery operated and radio controlled from the camera (no cords) for quick set up and teardown. Everything we do at weddings to achieve special images has to be very portable and fast.

We always keep in mind that we're at a wedding making photographs, it's important that no-one feels like they spent too much time away from the festivities.

Location: Hermosa Beach, CA.