Fashion Island Hotel Wedding Photography
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Fashion Island Hotel Wedding Photography

Newport Beach's Fashion Island Hotel is adjacent to the area's famous high end open air shopping experience, so it's no surprise our wedding photography was inspired by items of luxury. We love making art pieces whenever we can from our client's wedding details, so it was hard to resist getting creative with a pair of impressively high heeled Christian Louboutin shoes and a bottle of Crystal Champagne. The sheer drapes in the background reflected off the glass table, creating the illusion that the items were suspended in midair. We also positioned the shoes in such a way to give even more of a gravity defying look. And the result was an inviting rose gold palette worthy of a billboard one might see while shopping at Fashion Island. We dubbed this shot "Shoepagne", a mash up of shoes and champagne...and also a reference to the sore feet one might have wearing heels so high all day and subsequently downing bubbly to soothe the pain!

As a side note, we broke out the good stuff too, when this image took home a silver award at the WPPI international 16x20 print competition.

Location: Fashion Island Hotel, 690 Newport Center Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660.