California Club Wedding Venue
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California Club Wedding Venue

The California Club in Downtown in Los Angeles is an exclusive wedding venue known for architecture and interior design that are truly reflective of it's distinguished history. Since it has been recognized for decades as a place for the gathering of extraordinary gentlemen, it's no surprise that a group of dapper groomsmen would feel a deepened sense of fellowship there. This billiard area, part of a library room, is where these groomsmen waited for the ceremony to start, and it provided a wonderful backdrop for us to create a few candid images. The groom taking a turn at pool surrounded by his closest friends is a scene he might be familiar with from their everyday lives, but the elegant setting and formal wear certainly kick things up a notch. We chose black and white processing to give a timeless air to this photograph... it could be modern day or something straight out of the days of the rat pack. We love when we can be inspired by the natural dynamic of a group and elevate that to a wedding day worthy memory.

Location: 538 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90071.