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Best Wedding Ring Shots

The best time to capture shots of the rings is often during the getting ready portion of the wedding day. This striking image was taken at the bride's home while she was getting her hair and makeup done. Extra care had to be taken not to damage the petals on this bouquet of gardenias, because the oils on hands can turn the blossoms brown. But after the ring was placed gingerly on the velvety floral folds we knew this would be an exquisite image, and one of our favorites in its category. Ceremony Magazine agreed when they decided to use this as a cover photo for a recent issue!

A top wedding photographer must be experienced in many disciplines of photography. We, at different times of the day, must be fashion photographers, product photographers, as this image shows, architectural photographers, photojournalists during the ceremony and reception and even food photographers when working with beautiful wedding cakes. The only difference between photographers who specialize in these fields and us is that they mostly do one thing and can take their time or choose there perfect time of day to do their work.

Wedding photographers must wear all these hats on the same day during a very tight schedule, never forgetting that we're photographing a wedding and that it's all about the Bride, the Groom and their families enjoying the day and not feeling like it's a photo session.

Location: Newport Coast, CA.