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Best Wedding Photography Pelican Hill Resort

The iconic rotunda at the Pelican Hill Resort is a favorite photography location and one of the best choices for a wedding in Orange County. Because it sits on a large oval grass area surrounded by iceberg roses, it looks deceivingly small from the distance, with the world-class golf course, blue sky and the Pacific Ocean in the background. When you get up close, like wedding guests experience, you begin to notice the size and grandeur of it, especially during this beautiful wedding where the Rotunda was decorated with lush flowers, draping and even a lit crystal chandelier in the center. This low vantage point with rose petals in the foreground, help accentuate the sheer size of this beautiful landmark.

Because we at Barnet Photography photograph weddings at Pelican Hill often, we can choose the right locations and angles given a specific time of day and weather conditions very quickly. A wedding is a very fluid affair and we know that our couples and their families want beautiful images, but they also want to enjoy the day and spend time with their guests, so we work quickly and make the picture taking parts of the day fun for everyone. We know that it’s a wedding, not a photo session!

Location: 22701 S Pelican Hill Rd, Newport Coast, CA 92657.