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Beach Wedding Photography

If you have a cloudy day on your beach wedding, we at Barnet Photography can still make epic images for you to cherish. This wedding photo is unique in that you would never know it was a very overcast day. In fact, the sky was dreary and gray, with darker shades of gray throughout. From a photographers perspective, when we see this, we get excited because we know the drama we can create in camera with the right lighting and of course, post production. This photograph shows Monarch Bay looking to the South but no matter what direction you face, all of Monarch Bay in Orange County, CA is breathtaking.

Couples who choose to go to the beach are never disappointed with the beautiful imagery we create for them. We always pose the couple in the best light, have them walk along the shore, and let them interact. This creates moments that look relaxed, elegant and timeless. In this particular photo, We placed the bride and groom on the left and used the horizon as a leading line to the couple. We also made sure the heads were against a part of the sky that was somewhat lighter in color, so as to not detract from their passionate kiss. Normally we would try to get higher so the background is the blue ocean water, but in this case, we chose a low angle so the sky is the background and the horizon line was low enough to not detract from the subjects. Another thing we sometimes have the couple do is to dip just a little bit. This softens the line and makes for a relaxed look. This image was tilted slightly to add more drama,

The particular area where this photo was taken is just below The Monarch Bay Club of the Monarch Resort. The couple had their wedding at Club 19 and took advantage of the private tram they offer to go to the beach for photos after the ceremony.

Location: One Monarch Beach North.