Walt Disney Concert Hall Engagement Photographers
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Walt Disney Concert Hall Engagement Photographers

With it's stunning design, the Walt Disney Concert Hall is truly an engagement and wedding photographer's dream. We owe a lot to Frank Gehry, the architect of this iconic Los Angeles structure, for not only giving us an incredible place to shoot, but also for inspiring curiosity in so many locals and tourists alike, bringing in new audiences for the music program. The stainless steel exterior walls that resemble sails are meant to play off the bowed cornice of it's neighbor, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, uniting the old with the new, and highlighting the community aspect of the LA arts scene. We love how the steel curves look in photographs, but it is also interesting to note that they are meant to echo the billows in the auditorium, making this a building that tells a story of what's inside from its exterior. This makes it one of the more visually interesting locations Los Angeles has to offer, and a place where we can create images that look like they belong at nearby MOMA.

Location: Disney Hall, Los Angeles, CA.