Santa Monica Pier Engagement Photography
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Santa Monica Pier Engagement Photography

Santa Monica pier is definitely one of our favorite spots in SoCal for engagement photography. And while we certainly have shot there many times, with such fun loving and vibrant couples, it never feels like any two shoots are alike. These clients took it one step further in the unique department, by bringing along a huge sign that said "LOVE", which they carved out of a sheet of drywall. Though the prop was somewhat heavy and fragile, it photographed perfectly. We love how it reflects in the wet sand under their feet! We also appreciated the wardrobe selection that went into finding the perfect look that was both stylish enough for a photo shoot but was also comfortable and easy enough for the beach setting.

Apparently, love is all you need...though a flair for crafts certainly can't hurt!

Location: Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica Beach, Ca..