Santa Monica Fun Engagement Photography
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Santa Monica Fun Engagement Photography

We has such fun capturing great engagement photography for this spirited couple, who opted for a quintessential SoCal vibe with a Santa Monica Beach setting. When the chemistry between a couple is this vibrant, they need very little direction for magic moments to occur. Their easy, natural interactions were sweet and spontaneous, which made our job that much easier. Still, we love choosing just the right spot that rounds out the story and plays into the mood of the day.

We chose this location because the bicycles provided a nice framing foreground that contrasted perfectly with the more plain, out of focus background. These two elements complimented, rather than competed with the subjects. Also, beach cruisers just say "weekend", don't they? By having them play a role in the framing of this image, the leisurely vibe of an adventurous and relaxing day off together comes through, which is such a fitting feel for engagement photos.

Location: Santa Monica Pier, California.