Santa Monica Beach Engagement Sessions
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Santa Monica Beach Engagement Sessions

Santa Monica Beach is an ideal spot to shoot romantic engagement sessions. From the beautiful shore, to the pier with its stunning views and lively amusement park, to cozy spots among the massive pylons under the pier, where tiny waves lap at your feet, there are so many areas to capture great photography within a short walk of one another. As photographers serving the Southern California area, we feel so fortunate to be able to offer clients an ocean setting as a backdrop.

For couples considering making a large print for the wedding day, or a canvas print for their home, or even for those thinking about what would make an impressive full page spread in a guest book, a day a the beach getting to know your photographers will yield so many fabulous results. This is especially true when we're able to shoot during "Golden Hour" in the late afternoon, when the light is just right, as was the case with this stunning "dipping" shot. We are always glad to consult with clients in advance on wardrobe, makeup and timing for the perfect shoot.

Location: Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, California.