Santa Monica Beach Engagement Photos
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Santa Monica Beach Engagement Photos

In order to capture the most unique engagement photos, we often have to seize the moment, and in this case, that meant taking advantage of the brief time between when the lifeguard at Santa Monica Beach goes home, and the sunset. That is basically the only time to grab romantic pictures from the lifeguard tower, which is such an iconic Californian image. Here the somewhat gray, overcast sky lent a moodiness and classic neutral color palate that is unexpectedly eye catching. A small structure like this can provide a surprising amount of posing and background possibilities, so it's a favorite stop for us at any beach shoot.

When designing a guest book, a dramatic shot like can be an excellent standalone image in a layout, or can be combined with closer, more intimate poses for a fun variety of views from the tower.

Location: Santa Monica Beach, Santa Monica, California.