Santa Monica Beach Engagement Photography
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Santa Monica Beach Engagement Photography

Santa Monica Beach is an amazing location for engagement photography and we know all the best spots to maximize engagement session shoot time. We think there is something so classically Southern Californian about renting beach cruisers and riding around the boardwalk, and this couple took that one step further by color coordinating their bikes to their outfits (and also to the palette of the sand and surf!).

By using a long lens we managed to capture the bride and groom in what looks to be a private sojourn along the bike path, but in reality there were plenty of other beach goers around them. This image was captured from the Pier looking down towards the boardwalk and sand. It takes experience in the photography world to know which equipment to use and how to compose a shot to catch intimate moments like this amidst a busy day at a popular beach. Showcasing our clients doing fun activities they might do on a date is also a nice way to portray what their daily romance is really like. We love capturing their natural chemistry and kicking it up a notch with our expert photographic sensibility to create something unique to them and truly special.

Location: Boardwalk by the Pier, Santa Monica Beach, California.