San Juan Capistrano Engagement Session
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San Juan Capistrano Engagement Session

Necessity bred invention during this engagement session at the the San Juan Capistrano Mission. When we arrived to shoot, we noticed two or three buses parked outside, and our fears were confirmed when we learned we would be sharing the location with dozens of elderly tourists! This was less than ideal. We set about finding some out of the box areas to shoot where we were less likely to run into them. Though it was challenging not to have total access to our go to spots at this site, we ended up enjoying the challenge of finding previously undiscovered new gems. This couple was game to come along for the ride, and the bride's Southwestern style fit in perfectly no matter what the backdrop was. We ended up being just as happy with the result as we would have been had things gone exactly to plan, and we came away with further knowledge of this popular photography destination which would come in handy with shoots to come. As professional photographers we know how to keep our cool and make the most out of the curveballs... a temperament that also comes in very handy during a busy wedding day!

Location: The San Juan Capistrano Mission, San Juan Capistrano, California.